Kananaskis 100 Mile Relay (K-100)
** New Date: Saturday August 28, 2021

Presented by Be There Events
For more information - WEBSITE: K-100 RELAY

Gather 10 of your friends and join us for this awesome relay race!  
The 100 mile course begins among the rolling hills of Longview in south western Alberta. At 6:00 a.m. the first heat of leg one runners will make their way along highway 541 towards the majestic Rocky Mountains. The course traverses the Highwood Pass on the highest paved highway in Canada and takes you into the Kananaskis Valley. Leg nine and ten runners will travel cross-country to finish at Nakiska, the site of the alpine events of the XV Olympic Winter Games.

GUARANTEED ENTRY FEES - Registration closes August 15, 2021 11:59pm:
$1175 Level 1  
 $450.00 over Entry Fee
$1275 Level 2   $550.00 over Entry Fee
$1375 Level 3   $650.00 over Entry Fee
$1525 Level 4   $800.00 over Entry Fee
$1725 Level 5   $1000.00 over Entry Fee
For further information on Guaranteed Entry Benefits click HERE 

TEAM REGISTRATION - You do not enter your full team roster here. Team Rosters to be submitted in Aug 2021. 

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